Idaho Rx Card Testimonials

When my insurance didn't cover the Tamiflu I was prescribed, I decided to give the Idaho Rx Card a try. I was so happy to receive my savings. Thank you Idaho Rx Card!!"

Brian W.
Coeur d'Alene, ID

I have used the Idaho Rx Card on several medications, but had no idea it covered vaccinations. When my husband and I went in for a physician advised vaccination, I was amazed to save over 20%. What a great program

Annie B.
Boise, ID

I recently started a new job but had to wait 30 days for my insurance coverage to become effective. I was advised by a friend to try the Idaho Rx Card on my medications. I printed a card and took it to the pharmacy to get my meds. I was amazed when I saved over $30. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Kent M.
Boise, ID

When searching online for medication savings programs, I discovered the Idaho Rx Card. All I had to do was type in my name and print my free card. I was a little skeptical and figured this was too good to be true but decided to bring it to the pharmacy and see if it would help assist with my medication costs. To my surprise, I saved 10% on one medication and 40% on another. Since my experience, I have been telling everyone about the program!

Christina S.
Rexburg, ID